How can I become a better Writer?

Writing, in my opinion, is its own art form. It is expression with words rather than with pictures, and sculpture. Outside of school, there are those who won't write unless they are supposed to, and then there are those who will write because they have to. They have no other choice. They were designed to be a writer. Those are the people that may be asking themselves this question. How can you become a better writer?

As with any other art form, there are different kinds of writing. There is poetry. Poetry is its own genre with rhyming and non-rhyming. Aside from poetry, there is technical writing, creative writing, article writing, resume writing, fiction and non-fiction writing, etc. To the question, how do I become a better writer, first you must decide what kind of writer you are. The best way to answer this question is to give you my talent as an example.

Since I was a small girl, I would spend hours writing fantasy stories that I would dream up in my rather free imagination. But as I got older, my writing style changed and I found myself carrying around a little notebook that I would fill with different types of poetry, but then I left high school and, while I stopped writing, I was still a writer. When I decided to get back into my craft, I found that it was hard, and my writing was poor. I actually ended up at a writer's conference that was held in Philadelphia PA. While it was for my job, it was there that I re-ignite my flame for writing fiction. One of the panels actually elaborated on the very question asked from this article. How can I become a better writer? Here are some answers.

To become a better writer, you must set aside time every single day to write. You don't have to come up with a master piece, a great novel, or tragedy. Some days you may sit there and just write about your morning, what you ate for breakfast, who your secret admirer turned out to be, etc. But doing these writing exercises every day, will elevate the ever convoluted writer's block, and keep things fresh.

Now, that you know that you need to write every single day, the next thing you will need to do is decide when that time will be and gain discipline. If you have a family that comes to life at 7 am to get ready for school, work, appointments, and other obligations, and you are an early riser, then get up a little earlier. Maybe your writing time is from 5 to 6 am. It doesn't have to be long, just enough time though, to make your own. Or perhaps, you aren't an early riser. Instead you are a night owl. So you go through the day fulfilling everyone else obligations and responsibility, you make or eat dinner in the evening. You walk the dog or do evening chores, and help to put the children to bed. Then from 9 pm-10 pm can be your writing time, just you and your writing.

Decide where you want to go with your writing. Do you want to simply compile files of writing for your sanity. Perhaps, you are interested in getting published. For me, I had a dream of writing my own first novel. So, when I came back from that conference, I wrote a little every day, and then months, two hundred and fifty pages later, I had my first novel. The question that you obviously need to ask yourself that no one, but you can answer is, what is your definition of a better writer? What is your reason for writing? If you are writing a story, you can research to make your story better as in more realistic, factual, believable, or fluid. If you are writing other types of work and want to be a better writer at it, the soundest advice that can be rendered is simple. You must be disciplined in whatever you craft and to be better, you must practice, practice, and practice.

Written by: Marquitte Polite, United States

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