Based on Moshi Monsters which Kids Toy or Playset is Best?

Moshi Monsters Micro Theme Park Playset Have you heard of Moshi Monsters? If you don't know just go to Michael Acton Smith is the founder of Moshi Monsters, one of the fastest growing sites for kids with over 60 million registered users. It's a kind of social network for kids in the age range 5-12 years. Do you know what monsters are? Monsters are creatures which look so ugly or monstrous that they frighten people and specially kids. Such monsters are often created as figures in toys and and also used as characters in online games. The website offer kids with an online game where they can first adopt a pet monster, give it a name and design its color scheme. Kids can nurture their selected pet monster by earning money (as Rox currency in the game). Rox can be earned in several ways in the game like solving the daily puzzles.

There is a virtual shop in the Monstro City to use Rox and buy wonderful things for your pet monster so that it remains happy and healthy. Each child is provided with his own monster page which he can share with other friends on the site. It's all fun, safety and something educational in the moshi monsters online game. The main aim or goal of the game is to find moshlings, little pets characters in the game, for your pet monster. The kids will have to do whole lot of things in the online game to find those moshlings for their pet monster.

So now you know something about Moshi Monsters as explained above? Now let's talk about Moshi Monsters Micro Theme Park Playset which is the best kids toy based on Moshi Monsters. This is actually a playset based on the moshling characters used in the online game of Moshi Monsters. Vivid Imaginations is a UK based manufacturer of toys and has developed this playset. is also a part of Vivid Imaginations. However the moshling figures used in the playset are even smaller than those used in the online game and measure only 2cm. The playset includes two moshling figures, one soft and one hard. The theme park in the playset is completely made as an enjoyment for the micro moshling figures.

The theme park in the playset is a replica of real life theme park where you can find all kinds of mechanical devices or structures to move people up and down, round and sideways for all the great amusement. The same kind of fun is enjoyed by Micro moshlings in the playset where they can ride the rapid rollercoaster, take a spin on the ferris wheel and fly on the whizzling space shuttles. The playset also offer an exclusive secret code to get free Rox (the money) in the online Moshi Monster Game. It is great toy for children above 4 years of age. It should be an ideal toy to teach about theme parks to the kids. You should buy it if you are a great fun of Moshi Monster online game. To watch all the moshlings you can visit

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