Which Device is best to keep Kids quiet on long journeys?

Kurio 7 Android Tablet I don't know which electronic device could be best for your kids during journey, but my son uses this Kurio 7 Android Tablet which keeps him busy most of the time, throughout the journey. So I would like to tell you more about this computer device. A tablet is a computer machine which is usually smaller than a laptop but have a larger screen than a smart phone. Kurio 7 tablet is not just a toy but it's a real working kid's electronic gadget with high resolution bright clear sharp screen. It is loaded with Google's 4.0.3 Android operating system and also has Flash 11 support and an inbuilt Wi-Fi system so that your child can surf the internet in it wirelessly from a remote place, if you have internet connection at home at some point. It's a family friendly tablet one that lets kids play, learn and discover. Kurio is a type of tablet where you can setup password protected profiles (users) for atleast 8 family members.

It is an electronic device that gives complete parental control so that the kids get access to applications and programs which are meant for kids only. Parents can also set time limits and how much access the child can have to the internet by using the internet filters option in the tablet. Parental control setup can also be removed if some adult want to use the tablet. So this is useful for both parents and the kids. The free green case or bumper provided as protective cover, is perfect to safeguard the tablet's body from a sudden fall from kid's hands. Also, good to protect from scratches and cracks coming out from kid's nails and fingers. It even comes preloaded with 4 versions of most popular angry bird games and hundreds of other child friendly educational and fun games like Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, World of Goo, Where's my Water, Cut the Rope, etc.

If your child is addicted to games, this tablet could be the best option for him, as tablets are portable and are better used for entertainment on go and so convenient to use even while in travel. I think its the best device to keep kids quiet on long journeys. A smart phone lacks bigger screen and so not much convenient for playing games. Two built in front and rear cameras will also let kids to take photos and videos and share with their friends. The tablet is also preloaded with dozens of books and e-books for every member of the family.

This product is durable and has a good battery life (3.7V - 3200mAh). Charger is provided and it needs to be charged for at least 3 hrs prior to use it for the first time. One unpacked and charged it is ready to be used as it comes with pre downloaded apps which are both fun and highly educational. Once can also find a slot for a micro sd card and a hdmi out to link it to the television and there is also a mini USB slot and comes with a USB adaptor. The internal memory in this tablet is 4GB with 1GB RAM. High internal memory makes it quick to turn on without any delay. This device is however not suitable for children below 4 years of age due to its advanced use. Just check the video below to know more. Hope that helps.

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