What is the Legend of the Green Skinned Children of WoolPit?

Green Children of Woolpit
To explain this I should start to add some background to this mystery, so that you may understand it better. Woolpit is a small village, quite near Suffolk: it is a real place and not an imaginary land. Woolpit has some deep pits around it, on its edges. These pits are very deep, and very old. One day two children were found near such a pit wandering around: one boy and one girl. But these children were very unusual: they were dressed strangely, talked in a language no one there could understand, and they were green. At first people tried to wash the green hue from their skin, without success. It was quite obvious that the green was in their skin, it was its pigment not painted on.

The children were given food to eat, but did not seem to know what to do with it, eating only beans. In time they came to learn to eat other foods and slowly their skin lost its green hue. The children were baptised. The boy became ill after this but the girl survived. She learnt to speak English and told the story of how they came to be there. She explained they came from St Martin's land, an underground place where all the people were green, everything there was green. She said they were both looking after their fathers cattle: also green: when one cattle wandered off, they eventually found it in the cave and followed it in. They found their out, by following the sound of bells; found themselves in Woolpit. It was said the girl came to be named Agnes and married a royal official from the place kings Lynn: a place 40 miles from Woolpit. What is interesting is that Lynn in the Celtic language would have been Lein: which means evil. So it could be interpreted that an innocent fairy married an evil above Earth man: and that we are all evil by nature.

There are important details to add to this tale however. This is said to have happened in the medieval period. The belief at the time was that fairies were linked with the colour green, and having green skin: as does the green knight and the green man. So these children would have been nature spirits: taken to be fairies: who came to live above ground. It was believed at the time that this all happened, that there lived below ground many strange and amazing things. That fairies and all manner of magical creatures lived below ground. Even today this is still thought of by some as being where magical creatures live. Some think that they fairies and other magical creatures live in a parallel reality. And so the children could have slipped through a dimensional portal of some kind. Indeed there are many tales of people passing through doorways to other lands, or being taken underground to new places.

However we look at it the finding of two green children, lost dressed in green, with green skin, who spoke a strange language is something that we should take seriously. After all, if people can get lost in this land unable to get back, then maybe people from this land can get lost in theirs? It would be interesting to know how many people disappeared in Woolpit? Was it more than the average? But there are other explanations: a deficiency could cause chlorosis which is a medical condition where the sufferer has green tinged skin. Therefore when they were properly fed the colour would disappear: explaining the change in appearance. Also in the past local dialects in the UK were far more diverse: a person coming from wales where welsh is spoken would not be understood in places where it was not spoken. Even in the same language as English it could be difficult to understand different dialects. This is the legend of the green skinned children of Woolpit. Where they fairy children, green aliens from another world, or suffering from malnutrition: I will leave that for you to decide?

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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