What are the Cynocephaly?

The cynocephaly are a type of creature that seems to have very ancient roots, indeed there are tales and sightings dating back as far as ancient Egypt. It is a creature which people all over the world used to believe in, in abundance. But to sum it up simply it is a creature which although it has the body of a man, has the head of a dog. What makes this creature so odd, is that the appearance has not altered as much as most other ancient creatures from folk tales. It has always remained the same, a human body but a dog's head.

It should be noted there is a reference to dog headed men in the article What is a minotaur? It was originally thought that dog headed men existed in specific areas of the world, the strange thing being that as man travelled and met his brothers and sisters of other races, they thought the dog headed men were somewhere else, sometimes where the traveller had come from. As man spread out, there seemed to be no country of dog headed men, or island. There were tales of saint Christopher being a dog headed man who was granted humanity on receiving baptism, but these tales were based upon a mistranslation: being more folk tales than religion.

This did not stop much philosophical discussion about whether they had a human soul. If they did they should be held to the moral values of humanity and in the Christian parts of the world, it was thought they should be converted to Christianity so they could go to heaven. But there are writings on cynocephali: the singular of cynocephaly: in places as disparate as Europe, china, the middle east, some tales place them in Africa, India: they seem to be sighted and thought to be just about everywhere. But in case you think these tales are not credible sources then it should be noted that none other than Marco Polo, the discoverer of America, wrote about sightings he had of them on an island (source:esoterx.com).

They have been portrayed as beast like cannibals, but sometimes there also being dog headed Gods. They have been thought of as possessing a human soul, or as merely an animal. If they once did live in a physical place, it seems strange that people always seemed to think they came from somewhere else. But although they get very little coverage they still do get seen. There have been a number of sightings in cities, all kinds of areas so obviously if they exist they do so as supernatural entities. Just like the black dog, they get seen in the most un-likeliest of places. They are not really tied to an area, as such can appear almost anywhere. But what really jumps out at me about these sightings, is that they are the same as those sightings in ancient times, they are described exactly the same, there has been no change to how they look.

I do wonder what the ghostly apparition of a domestic dog how would they look? Domestic dogs: when they are born and done so with a human present when the bitch gives birth. This means that they imprint both a human and dog identity: all domestic dogs think they are dog but also part human, and so accept being part of a human pack. Also people have kept domesticated dogs 15000 and possibly even 33000 years ago. As a domestic dog, would think of itself as human and dog.

Are people really seeing ghosts of dead domestic dogs? Or is it that domestic dogs have existed so long that these creatures are a type of elemental spirit embodying the spirit and nature of these animals? It could simply be that these creatures and the many same sightings are nothing more than imaginings and folklore. But if you do see one should you stand and hope it is the spirit of a domesticated dog, or should you simply run in case it has a savage nature? What you would do is up to you, but personally I would advise to run, and run hard because if the folk tales are correct, they could have an animalistic cannibalistic nature and better to run than to be lunch.

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Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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