How to Buy Good Toys for Kids?

The age of a child is most important factor to be considered, while buying toys. Most toy manufacturers mention the age range on the box within which the toy resides. But still you need to be careful because even the manufacturers sometimes are wrong in judging the correct age range. I remember I bought a gun toy for my child online and it said on the box to be used by children above 3+. Since I bought online, I could not check the gun or test it before buying. I bought it for my 4 years old son. When the gun arrived at home I realized that the child need to push a part of the gun on back side first and then trigger the shoot button in order to fire the darts. My child cannot even push that part of the gun on the back side as it was so hard to push. I asked my 7 years son to try and he also failed. Only I was able to do it. So the gun was useful only for the parents and not for the children. That is how you can go wrong if you buy something which does not suit your childs age. If you are purchasing something online, its better to watch a video of that product on youtube. Sometimes, you may not find a youtube video for a product you want to buy, but most of the time you can if your product is popular among buyers. And that should give more clear idea.

Its also important to understand the nature and interests of your child before buying toys for him/her. I remember I bought a kids camera for my 7 years old son as a surprise gift. But do you know what happened? He just looked at it and used it only for 2-3 hrs and than never touched it. His interest was completely lost. I realized I just wasted money on this. Then my wife told me that he was spending a lot of his time in watching cricket matches on the television and he is crazy about the game of cricket. So we bought a cricket bat for him on his next birthday and he was thrilled and excited. And now you can find him holding his cricket bat most of the time and playing cricket with his friends and brother. Surprising gifts are good, but you never know the toy you are offering as a surprise would interest your kids or not. For the sake of two minutes surprise you cannot offer your kids something which they would later reject or neglect for disliking. Better to ask them what they need.

If you think, your child has scientific mind, you can offer toys which are based on the working of some science projects. If your child most of the time pretend to be a doctor, while playing with his/her friends, you can buy him medical and doctor related toys and playsets. If your child pretend to call and talk to his friends than you should offer him a telephone toy. If your girl child pretend to cook food while playing with her friends, than you should buy her kitchen and food related pretend play sets.

It might be your kids saw a movie based on dinosaurs and now desperately want to own a dinosaur toy. If your son or daughter is busy in painting and drawing most of the time, than you can buy him/her toys related to arts and crafts, such as a doodle or a two sided easel or some beads related toys. Some kids are very much interested in cars, scooters, bikes and other vehicles. In that case, you can offer them various types of good looking ride on toys. Cartoon Characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, are also very popular among certain kids. There are lots of toys in the marketplace related to various characters and you can buy such toys for them. You should also take care of the brand while buying toys. Some toy brands use cheap material while toys in popular brands, like Fisher Price, are very sturdy. So you should take this thing into consideration as well before buying something for your dear ones. Prices are also important and the toy should also fit into your budget. Hope that helps.

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