Why some people cannot sleep at night and how to overcome lack of sleep problem?

Sleep at night
There could be lot of reasons for being not able to sleep at night. In males (who are doing job or business), it's mostly due to worries related to the job or the business. People doing some sort of business are worried more than those doing the job. A job is some sort of physical or mental exercise, where you are working on behalf of the company or business and earn a fixed salary. In a job, you are not worried about the operation and consequences of the business and its profit or loss at the end of the year. While the owner of the business has lot of responsibilities and at any point of time when it seems the company or business may fail, it causes great worry. So mostly worries are the real cause of sleep deprivation. Check within yourself, are you worried of something? Taking medicine to sleep won't provide permanent solution and you will be addicted to it, which is not good for health.

All kinds of worries about money, children, property, goodwill etc won't let you sleep peacefully. You have an image or reputation in the society. You get worried what people around you would think or say, about you, if something goes wrong in your life. This is not the case with every person on this earth. Some people are open-hearted and they aren't much worried about the goodwill or reputation or what will happen to their children. Open hearted people are the people who believe in God and know that worries won't provide any solution to the problem. If they find that their current job is gone, they will quickly find another job. Those kinds of people are soul dependent and so they have great strength in them and that is the reason they don't actually suffer from problems like sleep deprivation.

There could be lot of other reasons for sleep deprivation but mostly its due to worries. The engagement of your daughter broke and you are worried. Your son divorced his wife and it again makes you worry. Your well established business is down the drain and you are worried. Your website suddenly lost rankings in google and it gives you great headache and don't let you sleep during the night. And there could be lot of other reasons to be worried. But actually it's not always the case that worries won't let you sleep. When sometimes you are too much worry free that also don't let you sleep. Like sometimes when you are so much busy and concentrated in your work that you become energetic. Any activity which requires concentration and devotion brings you closer to the soul and your soul is the source of complete energy and strength. In such cases also you don't feel like sleeping but that is rare. In such cases however you don't suffer from any side effects like you will not feel tired while at your job or business the next day.

Another great cause of sleep deprivation is when your attention goes away from your soul. When you have a liver problem your attention is completely lost. Some causes of bad liver are like when you eat more than your liver can handle or if you drink or smoke too much. A good liver gives you great attention and peaceful sleep. So you must get rid of your bad habits like smoking and drinking which are completely against your soul.

However I can tell you a meditation technique which is very effective for a good sleep. But this will not work for a bad liver. However it should work fine when worries are the causes of sleep deprivation. If you have bad liver you should put ice on your liver and that should bring your attention back to your soul. The position of liver is on the top stomach portion on the right side and you should put some ice pack there for at least 10-15 minutes. Once your liver get cooled it will really help in peaceful sleep.

The meditation technique is to first sit and relax for few minutes before sleep. Take your attention within yourself and check where the worries are. When you will start looking at your worries, you will actually get rid of worries. When you get attached to worries it creates sleeping problem in you. It's the same like when you start looking at your breath when it goes up and down. You don't actually do any effort to stop the breath but just gives your attention to it when it goes up and down. When you do this for sometimes, your breath comes at rest and that gives you peace inside as it makes you thoughtless and worry free. You should know how to meditate to master this art and get rid of all sleeping problems. Hope that helps.

To let you know from scientific point of view: scientists are unlocking the genes involved in sleep. Scientists are closer to understanding the mysterious "circadian" rhythm that governs "sleep and wake" after an experiment using fruit flies. To know more about this go to BBC Website

To know all about sleep in details go to science.education.nih.gov

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