What are some Juice Recipes for Body Detoxification?

The human body receives large quantities of toxic materials from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and especially from the industrialized foods, beverages and medical products we ingest. Aside from these external sources, the body itself produces certain harmful substances when confronted with excessive emotional or physical stress. Fortunately, this magnificent machine, the human body, also possesses internal mechanisms which, with a little help and common sense, are often capable of recovering from the accumulation of toxins.

The first step in the detoxification process is to diminish or eliminate the causes of the dangerous substances that are building up inside the body. Emotional strain can be reverted through psychological counseling, change of social habits, and calming the mind through yoga, tai chi chuan and/or meditation. Physical exhaustion can be treated with rest, baths and sauna, and deep breathing techniques. The habitual ingestion of prejudicial chemicals from additives in food and drink must be replaced by the consumption of healthier products. Instead of eating pre-processed cuisine (canned, frozen or industrialized items), progress can be made by substituting these with home cooked meals, or better still, by living on greater amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. These uncooked plant products retain more of their naturally beneficial properties, which aid the body in the purifying process of eliminating toxic substances. And they can most easily be assimilated by the digestive organs in the liquid form of raw juices. To obtain the best results, use the purest produce, preferentially organic, as it contributes no extra toxins to the juices.

One combination that is famed for working miracles as a detoxifier is a juice made from carrots, beets and apples. Cut one of each, of approximately the same size, into small cubes, then combine in a liquidizer with a small quantity of water and blend until no solid pieces are detectable. This mix can be filtered through a sieve, or squeezed through a sack of voile (curtain cloth) or other porous textiles, to remove the fibers and leave only the liquid. Drinking one or two cups a day per person during a continuous period reinforces the body's abilities to remove the built-up chemical poisons and increase vital energy for other internal systems. The taste is sweet, and proportions of the ingredients can be adjusted for personal preferences.

Another very beneficial mix is made from watermelon and celery. Some call this natural Gatorade, as it is highly isotonic, containing healthy forms of sugars and mineral salts required to maintain correct cellular activity. In this respect, it is also similar to oral rehydration solution used in hospitals. Once again, dice the plant material into small pieces, using about two thick slices of the watermelon (all its parts, including seeds, pulp, and the thick skin) and about 1/3 of a stalk of the celery, including the leafy tips. After trying the first batch, the quantity of each ingredient can be personalized. No water should be needed in this mixture, as the melon is full of liquid. Blend and filter. One cup a day is a useful dose, or more if taken after activities that provoke heavy perspiration.

Still another excellent mixture for removing body toxins is a juice containing 8 vegetables tomato, beet, carrot, turnip, cucumber, onion, garlic and celery. This is not the same as the famous V8 Vegetable Juice, which substitutes several leafy vegetables for some of the ingredients in this mix. A suggestion is two tomatoes, one medium sized beet, two carrots, one small turnip, one cucumber, half an onion (a quarter of an onion is enough for many people), I clove of garlic, and one third of a stalk of celery. As in the preceding recipes, dice each ingredient, mix in the liquidizer and filter out the liquid from the fibers. This will make several cups of juice. As one becomes familiar with the flavors, personalize the recipe to taste. It generally does not require salt.

Other simple juice formulas for detoxification include oranges, strawberries and acerola (also called Barbados Cherry, with an extremely high vitamin C content); coconut milk (which resembles water more than milk, and is said to be the closest plant substance to human blood serum), with or without papaya added in the mix; pineapple with watercress (especially effective in helping bronchial problems); and orange or grape juice with kale or collard greens. Each plant product has specific properties for specific health needs. These combinations are also excellent for treating certain allergies, and for weight loss. The human body is very resilient, and by including these and other natural aids into the diet, solutions can be found for many health problems stemming from varying degrees of intoxication. Remember, however, once is not enough natural treatments, because they are less aggressive than many modern chemical medicines, need repetition and persistence to have a lasting effect. But your body will thank you for the extended effort.

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Author: David Michael (Teres'polis, Brazil)

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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