What is a Leprechaun?

To answer this I will describe it in detail. A leprechaun is an entity mainly found in Ireland. It is taken to be an Earth spirit, also a type of fairy known in Irish folklore. It is normally thought to be dress in green. However some sightings had leprechauns dressed in red. It looks like a very small human: it having arms and legs and head and torso just like ours. Its background is steeped in controversy with some saying that a leprechaun is the child of a fairy female and a human man: with leprechauns always being male. As a hybrid child of fairy and human origin they are classed as unclean and are a lowly spirit: low by fairy standards. Some others take them as being a type of earth elemental: but indigenous to Ireland.

They have been called fairly cobblers and have much money because fairies love to dance, but also have been called great tailors. They keep their money in a pot of gold. The pots of gold people found are thought my modern archaeology to be buried by people to keep them safe. There are many sightings of leprechauns: they still happen to this day. A leprechaun is really the equivalent of a German dwarf: the type that is a short bearded magical fairy like creature, not a short human. There was once quite a bit of variation about how people thought of leprechauns: some places having leprechaun like creatures which guarded and drunk wine, and ones that were more mischievous and wore all red. People even thought they were catholic and protestant leprechauns. Leprechauns were thought of as living underground: as many occult entities were at one time.

They are known for being able to be invisible at will, work magic, and play tricks on people. Leprechauns were thought of as being solitary creatures. A leprechaun's pot of gold is traditionally supposed to be at the end of a rainbow. If you get his pot of gold you can ask him to grant you three wished. One of the greatest films about leprechauns is Darby O Gill and the little people , also there is a whole series of horror films called Leprechaun . Some people have noticed that in some ways the description of a leprechaun is similar to some of the descriptions of little green men in the 1950's: there being much less sightings of little green men today, but more of other things considered alien beings. So are these sightings of leprechauns actually people seeing aliens, or are little green men leprechauns? Some people believe that the leprechauns were originally the Tuatha De Danann: a race of people in Irish legend who came from early deities of Ireland from belief before Christianity came it Ireland. This runs in line with the belief some people have about fairies generally: they were the old gods who as they became less worshiped shrunk in size, or made themselves smaller and hid in the forests and underground.

The leprechaun like all fairies is a magical being with much occult power. There are stories of mortal men finding, or being taken to a leprechaun'2s realm and being imprisoned and managing to escape: they would only be stories from those that did escape. People returning from places where leprechauns were sometimes were said to have experienced that more time had passed than they had thought: in common with many abductions by occult beings and also many beings taken to be space aliens today. There is an old legend that a family in Castlerea, gained their wealth with the help of a leprechaun (source: www.the-irish-path.com).

It was said that there was a poor boy, who others thought strange: he did not talk much; people wondered if he was a changeling who had been swapped for a human baby. He knew that leprechauns knew where many treasures were hid. He kept his eyes open always watching for a leprechaun. One day he saw one and grabbed him round the neck. The leprechaun said that as they were kin twice removed he would help him. He was taken where there was gold and took it abiding by the warning the leprechaun had told him. He put the gold he found in the bank and was as wealthy as a lord: apparently the story was passed on through the family. So what is a leprechaun? It is a legendary creature, an Earth spirit, of the fairly lineage, who dwells in Ireland, and looks like a small human male.

One third of Irish people believe Leprechauns exist

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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