What is a Mermaid?

A mermaid is a creature that combines elements of two very different species: a mythical hybrid between a fish type creature and a human woman. It has the upper body, heads and arms of a woman. But is has the lower body of a fish. This gives a mermaid the appearance of a human woman with a fish's tail. A mermaid is also thought of as an elemental: that it is a nonphysical magical creature that represents water. There have been many sightings of mermaids, and still are to this day. Here is a nice youtube video showing a real mermaid sleeping on a beach in tropical island. Mermaids are sometimes thought of as being a bad omen. It has been said that their beautiful singing can make mariners fall in love with them, and as they try to get to them: come to drown and die. Some think they can foretell storms and all manner of disasters. By some they are also thought of being able to provide help for mariners, even fall in love with humans.

The classic mermaid could be thought of coming from the ancient Greek sirens, but they like the naiads had no tail; sirens were thought of as human bird hybrids. In fact sirens sometimes had a bird's head or even wings in the Greek legends they came from. They are however both water spirits and so in that way are actually from a perspective very similar: as mermaids are often seen as water spirits too. There are many tales of mermaids but generally they are dangerous creatures. Also all mermaids seem to be describes as beautiful: there are no homely looking mermaids.

You may wonder why mermaids are all female: this is because a male of this type would be called a merman. If we thought of a mermaid as a physical being then we have a major problem as it has two skin types: a human skin and a fish skin, and no creature alive has any two different types of skin and so probably genetically impossible. But the ancient world is full of mythical creatures made up of human and animal parts. So a mermaid could be seen as man's way of projecting his human characteristics onto something unpredictable and dangerous: the sea: to make it seem more familiar and his attempt to understand it. Sightings of mermaids are still are seen to this day.

Crypto-zoologists however have been looking for proof of mermaids, mermen: taken as a group called merpeople: for a long time. Modern day descriptions vary quite a lot from those from ancient myth: sometimes that have some fishy characteristics above the waist, and are rarely the blue eyes blond mermaid from modern films. They rarely seem to talk at all. Also they appear in strange places, there being a case of a mermaid appearing in a flat in Glasgow. The mermaid had black fish like eyes and stared at the owner of the flat. Obviously it did not swim there and so how did it get there? If a mermaid is thought of as a nonphysical elemental then there would be no reason why it would not: it was noted however that the sight of the block in which the flat was in, had been the sight of many hangings and the owner had practiced all types of high ceremonial magic and this was part of the reason that it was able to appear.

This is because ceremonial occultism is generally more about getting into contact with a universal consciousness, than actually affecting change. Some of that he had done was using the ancient elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Stone and Water. However this sighting was by only one person and with no other witnesses. So what is a mermaid? It is a being probably nonphysical, that appears in legends, which is half human woman and half fish; it is an elemental spirit of the water. It has been seen many times and by some is seen as a bad omen.

Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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