How to Get Out of Depression?

First, its important to understand or know the reasons for being in depression. Most probable reason could be, somehow you have been badly hurt in life and don't see any hopes to recover, as you are completely shattered. You have become totally restless and think that life is good for nothing. But do you know that your soul does not have depression in it? A person's soul is full of joy and an ocean of love and peace. So you need to recognize your soul's strength and become soul dependent to get out of depression. Don't be in false perceptions that some medicine will get you out of the depression. Emotional support though may help to some extent but still not everyone can recover through emotional support, especially if you don't trust people who are giving you the emotional support.

Infact, sometimes it depresses you even more, when your relatives and friends visit you just for the sake of formality. This is because even if you are depressed still you know the people who really care about you. But the truth is that the actual cause of depression is when you don't find true love and emotional support from people who are so close to you, like your husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters etc. But, if suddenly some new person appears in your depressed life and gives you the type of true support you really are in need of, than its possible that you will be able to get out of the depression. You really need the type of support from someone who can make you smile and laugh.

When you have some sort of abnormalities in you, the world looks at you with a different eye and that is also one of the causes of depression. A true friend is like God, who doesn't care about what abnormalities a person has, but only care how much love he has in his heart. A true friend can only get you out of depression. But why don't you just eliminate your abnormalities through meditation, which is the real cause of depression sometimes? I can 100% assure you, meditation has the power to eliminate different types of abnormalities if you are doing meditation correctly after getting self realization.

But abnormalities in human body or behavior are not always the cause of depression. But meditation still has the solution to get rid of any problem you have in life whether its depression or even if its cancer. So you should learn how to meditate. Other way to get out of depression is to develop some qualities in you so that people need you and ask for you. Qualities can always be developed within oneself at any stage of life if you are determined. You should engage yourself in something which diverts your attention from ugly thoughts that you are in depression. You need to change your mentality and start spending your time in some activity or creativity. It may be people around you are not trustworthy and selfish but you can make those people dependent on you by your great qualities. Don't let yourself go into depression because of those horrible people.

Some people still don't want to get out depression because they don't want to live and want to die. That is what actually the depression is when you don't want to live and want to throw yourself in the mouth of death. For such people I have a message. Suicide is a sin. If you are not stopping yourself in going to depression than it's a suicide and you are doing a sin. Death is not the solution of any problem because if you suicide it will even worsen your next life after death. If you don't trust there is next life you should read this >> Is there any life after death? . Awakening the desire to live is the only way to get out of depression. Don't be a coward and run away from your life but face the challenges. Don't think people around you are bad and you cannot live with such people. But truth is that they are even better than you, who are not doing any sin to go into the mouth of death deliberately. You have to control your feelings and emotions and think from the point of view that life is not to look at the offense of others. To look at the offense of others is the job of God and not yours. People who are bad and still looks happy won't remain happy for long as the law of nature (created by God) would ultimately treat them the way they deserve. Your death should be natural death and not suicide which is a great sin.

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