Where is the Best Place to Write?

This was always a burning question of mine that I never had the courage to ask. Reading the twitter feeds and seeing all those lovely perfect published authors. Scanning all the polished blogs and scouring the tips and tricks sections. It took a long time but eventually I plucked up the courage and I asked those stars where the best location to put pen to paper was and here are some of the answers I got in no particular order:

In a Caf': Imagine it, a place where you don't have to make your own coffee. It's busy enough so you don't feel like your doing a stretch in solitary at Alcatraz but not so crowded it's like rush hour at Oxford Street Station. This location also has the added bonus of breaking writer's block. As JK Rowling indicated, if the block sets in, you can up camp and move to the next coffee shop, giving your mind time to rest and reset before sitting down again and resuming.

The Public Library: Surrounded by books and being in a silent atmosphere could only do an aspiring writer good. There is instant access to any research you would need to do, so long as the library has the required books and the lack of distractions would be divine. Some libraries even let you use a personal music player as long as it is on low and I find this helps me when I am putting pen to paper. Hopefully, the place in question has no Wifi to latch onto which will also keep the procrastination to a minimum too. Although with all those juicy novels there I don't know how well that would work'

A Room Without Distraction: This means turning off the phone, locking the door and getting rid of any items that will lead to procrastination. In this day and age, with the onset of Twitter and Facebook, this can be very difficult to achieve. With a bit of mental discipline and a handful of determination, this could well work. The space will be yours to use alone and become a haven of creativity. You'll want to spend time in it and see it as an enjoyment rather than a chore ' an essential ingredient in the writing process.

Shared Living Space: By this, I mean the living room, dining room or any other room you have to share with others. Cutting out a corner of a room for your space is not always an option so it's a good idea to keep your writing essentials ' laptop, notepad etc ' confined to a tray that's easy to transport around. The way, if family members require you to move, there isn't loads of tidying to do before hand.

The Great Outdoors: Wouldn't that be perfect? Taking your laptop to the park and tapping away while the sun kisses your back and the wind caresses your face. Even the garden would be a great place to go when the weather is fine. Not so great when the storm clouds roll in and the rain tumbles down. It's a fab idea if you have the weather for it. As for me? I reserve this for the right time and as a special treat.

With all these options available it remains to decide where the best place would be to write. In my opinion, it would be in a room free from the outside world and distractions. I have tried writing in many places and find this is the one that works best for me. Admittedly I like the idea of not making my own coffee but the distractions in a coffee shop are just too much for my scatter brain. I love to people watch and although this is fun, it does not get the writing finished and at the end of it all is that not what we are here for? Writer's write after all. However, don't let my opinion put you off trying different places. Find your own place and get scribing. That's me best advice.

Written by : Debbie Rushby, Hull, UK (BA Hons English 2:1)

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