What are the best Fantasy Fiction Books ever written?

Fantasy Fiction Books
This is a list of the ten best novels written in the fantasy genre. Anyone who claims to be a fan should make sure they have read the following books.

1 ' The Gunslinger ' Stephen King

This is the best set of books ever written in my opinion. Anyone who has not read The Gunslinger series needs to stop what they are doing and find a copy now. Although not traditional fantasy there are flavors of fantasy within the novels. Set in a world that eerily echoes our own, this novel starts you on a journey that you won't leave you the same when you've finished.

2 ' The Lies of Locke Lamora ' Scott Lynch

This novel is a wonderful exploration into the more urban setting for the fantasy genre. Scott Lynch takes a flamboyant character in an equally flamboyant setting and turns his life upside down. The novel is worth reading purely for the setting along. The wonderfully written characters and expertly crafted story are an added bonus.

3 ' The Left Hand of God ' Paul Hoffman

The tone of this novel is dark with undercurrents of anger. It is set in a world that reflects aspects of our own but in this case it is a lot darker. The lines between protagonist and antagonist are so blurred you end up wondering who to cheer for and the action is so well written that it almost reads itself. The novel leaves you bloodied and aching for more.

4 ' Lord of The Rings ' JRR Tolkien

No fantasy list would be complete without this epic featuring on it. It is not the easiest read ever written and some of the action scenes are glossed over almost disappointingly however, it is a classic and it is the main influence on the fantasy genre. There are few that came before it and many who have used it for inspiration, including many on this list.

5 ' A Game of Thrones ' George RR Martin

The story arcs in this novel series are far reaching and complex to say the least. George RR Martin is some form of genius to be able to keep all these threads interwoven without losing the readers interest. The novel has all the elements of fantasy involved and there is something for everyone; from fallen heroes to a sardonic dwarf. This series appeals to a wider audience thanks to the TV series that has recently aired and is well worth taking the time to read.

6 ' The Blade Itself ' Joe Abercrombie

This is another great trilogy that should be read by all. This novels best feature is the characters by far, the way they interact with each other will leave you reading on until 4am when you should have been asleep hours ago. The more you read, the more you realize that the characters are as bad tempered and irritable as you think yet you love them all the same. Yes, this is another book that deserves to be read by all fantasy enthusiasts.

7 ' The Name of the Wind ' Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss' novel errs on the more traditional side of the fantasy genre and follows the story of his protagonist. The novel details his rise from humble beginnings to a powerful ending. Setting plays a key role within the novel and turns it from a good read to a great read. This is perhaps the best addition to the genre that has been made recently and should not be overlooked.

8 ' Assassins Apprentice ' Robin Hobb

Fans of Jon Snow in A Game of Thrones will enjoy this novel; it follows the story of a King's bastard and his adventures through a war torn kingdom. How he overcomes some of the barriers he faces is unusual and the conflict throughout the novel is brilliantly written.

9 - The Saga of the Volsungs ' Translated by R G Finch.

Not strictly fantasy due to it being one of the Icelandic Saga's but still well worth a read. It tells the story of Sigurd and Gudrun and has been the inspiration for countless fantasy stories after its translation. These include Lord of the Rings, Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle and Reyer's opera Sigurd. It has all the ingredients of a traditional fantasy story: love, betrayal, swords and a dragon and deserves to be more widely known than it is now.

10 ' The Curse of Chalion ' Lois McMasters Bujold

This has been one of my favorite stories for a long time. I fell in love with the characters and interwoven plot that I return to it often. It is a rare jewel and deserves to be read by everyone. The world building is perfect and the word crafting inside the cover is brilliant. It is well worth reading.

This is my top ten fantasy novel list and it was tough singling out only ten books to list. There are many that could have made it but were just not quite there.

Written by : Debbie Rushby, Hull, UK (BA Hons English 2:1)

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