Why Need a Kindle when there are so many Books Around?

As far as I was concerned, Kindle's were an unnecessary product. I am an avid reader and always will be an avid reader. I love the smell, the sound, the feel and the sight of a book. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun cradling your favorite book in front of you, right? So why would you need an electronic device that detracts a lot of the pleasure away from reading? Why would you want a device that robs the reader of the delicious book smell, the lovely crumpled paper and the crisp sound of the pages being flipped? The thought was just alien to me. I had always loudly protested my disdain for such a device. Then I was bought one for Christmas and my whole opinion changed. Here are my reasons why a Kindle (How the Amazon Kindle Works) is a must have for all avid readers:

1 ' Independent books are not available in hard copy: I have read so many good independently published books since I have had my Kindle that I would never have read before. I don't normally pay more than 99p for them and some of them are a real pleasure to read. Some of them have been dire admittedly but I don't resent that as I haven't paid much for it. A whole new world of reading has been opened up to me since I have had my Kindle and it has been a delight discovering it.

2 ' Space: This is a house full of people who love books. Books, although delightful things, are heavy and take up a lot of space. Since having my kindle, I have spent a lot less money on buying books which take up room in the house but have spent more time reading. The same can be said when travelling, I no longer need to reserve room in the case for books, I can download them onto my kindle and away I go. I can take an entire library with me now and not have to worry about it weighing down the plane.

3 ' Free Classics: If I had known about this when I was at University, I would have saved a small fortune. A lot of classic novels by the likes of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte are free to download and read on Kindle. Nobody turns their nose up at something that is free and this is no exception to the rule. I think that having these books as free encourages more people to read them and this can only be a good thing.

4 ' Adjustable settings: Now this may seem a bit of a strange reason to you but it is justified. A paperback cannot change its font size. The screen itself looks like paper and because it has no back light, it doesn't tire your eyes like other eReaders do. It feels just like reading a book except it doesn't weigh as much as a book does so there is no arm aching afterwards either (I read big hardbacks ok). There is also the added bonus that you can get pretty much any book delivered to you, anywhere you are, in a few seconds. What's not to love about that?

5 ' Portable: But all books are portable I hear you say. True, they are, however, the kindle just slips into your bag, weighs next to nothing and is hardly noticeable. Even the slenderest of paperbacks is going to take up more weight in your bag. Reading fills up those dead minutes of your day and the portability of a Kindle is just what you need. So, what are my thoughts on owning a Kindle? You need one in your life. I didn't think it was possible but I read more now than I did before and that is thanks to having this device. I haven't looked back since I started using my Kindle and have no plans to revert to reading paper books full time in the near future.

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Written by : Debbie Rushby, Hull, UK (BA Hons English 2:1)

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