What is a Good way of Writing Erotic Fiction?

Erotic Fiction
There comes a time when every writer toys with the idea of writing erotic fiction. After all, sex sells doesn't it? Well, if it didn't there wouldn't be the massive porn industry there is and nor would Fifty Shades of Grey have become such a massive success. There are countless authors of erotic fiction out there that have made many a buck off the back of erotic novels, so how do they do it? What's the secret? Surely it's as easy as' well' sex? Right? Well, if only it was, we'd all be millionaires.

Let's separate erotic fiction from porn first of all. Porn is just sex; erotic fiction is a story where sex is essential to the plot. So the first thing you need to write good erotic fiction story is a plot involving sex. All the ingredients for making a good story are also needed, so don't skimp on your character development, research or plot ideas that you would usually go through when writing. Your readers are not stupid, they will know if you've sold yourself short on these details.

There is the temptation to jump straight into the juicy bits and forget about the build up. I was once gifted with the rule of three, which I will now pass on here. There should be at least three encounters before the intended couple has sex. The first should be where they meet for the first time. Make sure there is enough tension between them to make it believable. Some lowering of the eyelashes and flirting should be high on the agenda but you have to make it believable for the reader. The second meeting should be along similar lines but more obvious; a brushing of hands for example. The third should be where they have sex for the first time. It is a rule that has worked well in my writing so far and has helped me pace my own stories.

So, that sorted? Good. The next thing you'll need to do really think carefully about word choice. You've started writing and you've arrived at the first steamy scene, great work by the way, it's not easy to get this far. I have read many a book which has been ruined by poor word choice. When referring to male and female genitals, certain finesse is needed. Try to stay away from slang words such as, 'I shoved my schlong in her gloryhole.' It isn't going to make anyone feel sexy and that's the whole point of reading erotic fiction ' to feel sexy. Just remember that your character is the one who has to convey meaning to your reader so make sure they stay in character throughout the whole scene.

Do you seriously know anyone, male or female, that has actually used the term 'Pink-headed sword of love'? It sounds obvious but the amount of erotic fiction that uses such language is surprising. Moving on from the physical sides of the love act, I urge you not to forget the mental side. The best sex organ the human has is the brain, without that; there is no lust, no sensation and no imagination. All of these things are essential for a decent erotic scene. It's tempting to ignore this organ and jump straight to the more obvious parts but I find that to do so is alienating one of the sexiest body parts you have available to you. It also makes a dull read for your audience.

My last tip is one that any good writer should be aware of anyway but it needs reiterating, especially for this genre. Stay away from clich's and overused metaphors. Use only what is appropriate for your character and make sure they fit their unique vocabulary. There are a lot more hurdles to jump when writing erotic fiction and it can be more difficult than you think. Keep your audience in mind when you are writing and remember to stay true to your characters. If you follow these rules alone and read widely, you're bound to win.

Written by : Debbie Rushby, Hull, UK (BA Hons English 2:1)

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