Why some People Feel Alone or Want to Live Alone?

I am alone

There could be lot of reasons that someone wants to live alone. It may be, you have some sort of problem that you cannot mix up with others. May be you feel shy. It may also be that you do not trust anyone and so don't want to build relationship with anyone. Sometimes a person feels lonely, when he realizes that even people who are in close relationship with him, doesn't seem to be trustworthy or loyal.

Like, you may feel that your wife should be loyal to you but she is not, as she is of different nature. She might be having some dreams in life. So she may not be happy of what you provide her, but she wants to lead her life in her own way and want to make her own image in the society. To worsen the situation, sometimes your children would also favour their mother and so it makes you even more alone. A person can tolerate even if a business partner ultimately proved to be untrustworthy, but he will be shattered if his own wife doesn't support him in times when needed.

There could also be some spiritual reasons that a person wants to live alone. It may be you are a type of person who doesn't have any desires left to be fulfilled in life. You might not be a kind of person who wants to cut jokes with friends and relatives as you don't want others to praise you or may be you don't want to hurt anyone. You are innocent and want to spend time mostly with children who are also innocent and trustworthy. It may also be that you are not happy with the attitude of people around you. May be you are a type of person who has scientific mind and want to do some research alone.

You may also feel like why people are running behind unnecessary things which would never give them complete satisfaction. Also it may be that a person has shattered completely with some unfortunate incident that happened in his/her life. So he feels there is no security of someone's life and want to turn his attention towards God so that he doesn not face any problems in life. Some people are not interested in God but it may be they lost their love and so are unhappy with it and want that everyone should leave them alone.

Whatever the case is, you should try and recover from loneliness unless and until you have gone way too ahead towards the path of salvation like a true Yogi. If you will move out, you can always find people who are similar in nature and faced similar problems in life as you. They could be your good friends. You should not loose heart and need to recognize and make friendship with such people. This world is not small. You need to understand this. There are lots and lots of people who are similar in nature like you. Change your job if you feel that people there are not like you and think differently. Change your wife if you think she is totally different from you or just don't bother about her.

You are not alone as long as your soul is with you and soul has enormous strength and peace inside. Loneliness is actually good if you want to make your way towards spirituality but you need to move under the guidelines of some true people who really care about humanity. But realized souls are not just confined to loneliness and they are so much fearless that they can come into collectivity whenever they like and also go into loneliness. Meditation is the only way to take some steps ahead towards spirituality. So start meditating and I am 100% sure any type of problem or bad situation can be tackled through meditation. Meditation gives you energy you need to get out of depression.

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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