Is Civil Engineering part of our Life?

Civil Engineering
I assume that many of us would say that civil engineering is part of our life. Beginning from the day we are born and until we die we need a home. Many people would say that home is not synonym with house, but I cannot imagine a home without a house or a building where people can live. Civil engineering is a tough field because it is pretty difficult to design and build a house. During the construction process you have to take care of many important aspects beginning with the nature of the soil where the building will be constructed and ending with the shape of the building.

Civil engineering is indeed part of our lives, first of all because we are surrounded by buildings and secondly because we perform our daily activities in buildings. To bring other important arguments, I may add that every single building including schools, bridges, plants, hospitals, water dams, tunnels and many other have the civil engineering science in them. Also, imagine a world without roads, bridges or highways. It would certainly not be a world that we are dreaming of. Only those that engage their lives to civil engineering know the amount of work and energy invested in this domain.

Because we are humans, we can see only the appearance of a building and we do not know what lies in it. A single mistake in the process of designing and constructing a building can lead to serious damage. Just try to imagine what would happen if a building may collapse. The result of this action would be catastrophic. As I said, a single mistake made by the engineers can lead to this unhappy situation. As consequence we can easily say that our lives depend on the work done by the civil engineers responsible for the building process.

I can add that everywhere you walk or go, ride or drive you are surrounded by civil engineering. Think for example, how could the electricity be transported without an electricity post built by civil engineers? Can you imagine a modern city without well made sidewalks and roads ? Try to compare the modern cities with the ancient ones where people had to live and travel every single day on muddy and dusty roads. Also, their houses were very poorly built and had many deficiencies. When it rained, the water entered their home causing many health problems. They had to stay especially in warm areas of the globe because otherwise the cold weather would severely affect their life style.

That is why I cannot imagine the development of modern societies without the development of civil engineering. They are strongly related and people should try to find and study more about this field of science. If we want to live in a better world we should focus more on constructing buildings that are better than the previous ones. If we do this, there will not be buildings damaged by earthquakes, there will not be roofs that may collapse because of snowfall, there will not be buildings damaged by rain water and there will not be buildings damaged by wind.

I believe that the mankind always wanted to reach the sky. Thanks to modern engineering, this thing is possible. Buildings like Burj Khalifa, Tokyo Sky Tree or Petronas Twin Towers (only few examples) in Romania, impress us a lot, and sometimes they may even overwhelm us. There are many other things that can be said about civil engineering, I mentioned only a few of them. Understanding this field of science may be the key to success in our modern society. Of course, we can not advance and become better and better if we do not learn from the mistakes from the past. A good understanding of the past may lead to impressive development. I believe that these rules apply to all the modern societies. Understand the past if you want to create the future!

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Edited by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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