What is Divination?

Divination is about predicting things, that is its essence. There are many types of divination. But divination tends to be a term only used for occult methods of predicting things, or finding knowledge. It is not just about predicting the future: you can predict the past, find things that are lost etc. Sometimes divination uses tools and sometimes it does not. Pure clairvoyance is usually thought of as being prediction without tools. Using this technique almost anything can be predicted. Some people claim to do this by inherent power, and some are psychic mediums: they use the spirit of a dead person to tell them things about the future, the past, about people etc. However there are numerous types of divination. There are tarot cards: this is a deck of cards, with each card having a meaning and then being used to predict things. Runes work in much a similar way, with each rune having a meaning: sometimes more than one, and used to predict things. But also the interpretation of dreams can be thought of as a method of prediction: although people's dreams are not always about predicting anything: much of the time they are about the person themselves and how they feel.

A method that was at one time very popular is reading tea leaves, or as it is sometimes known tasseography: although this term also includes the reading of coffee grounds. Reading tea leaves is also called scrying. Scrying is an ancient method of divination. Scrying also is a term that takes in many other methods. Reading tea leaves is a form of scrying, as is crystal gazing, cloud interpretation and many other methods. I actually wrote a course on scrying is called Develop psychic power: learn scrying by S Rob: It covers how to learn scrying for yourself. Also my favourite tool the scrying mirror is covered in the course too. It is quite like a psychic TV set, you can see the future the past and many other things too.

But I have not yet mentioned another ancient technique: dowsing. Dowsing is also called scrying, but dowsing is the name it is better known as and is quite different to the other methods more visual methods of scrying: dowsing being about touch. The visual methods of scrying are all related: so you can learn to use do scrying on any visual tool: from a crystal ball, a glass of water or cola, to the insides of an animal, to clouds in the sky in fact almost anything. But dowsing is normally limited to certain tools. There is the pendulum, the L rods, the single V rod, the wand or bobber. All these tools except the pendulum are usually only used to find things: the pendulum can answer questions also although the crossing of L rods can also be taken as a yes or no and so technically can also but is rarely used for this.

So by now we may think we have a pretty good idea of what divination is. But how about the other mainstream methods of prediction: are these types of divination too? After all they predict things, and I see no reason why these should not be used when too. Statistics are used all the time to predict things: sometimes done automatically by a computer program, why not use that method too. Also mathematics generally can be an incredibly powerful tool for predicting things. Computer simulations can tell us many things also. Economics attempts to predict things: and like the occult methods without complete success. Meteorology tries to predict the weather, and a harder task would be difficult to find. I suppose the main difference between the occult methods which are usually called divination and the scientific ones is that they also can be used for inspiration, whereas statistics generally cannot. So what is divination? It is predicting things by occult methods. But remember there are other methods too.

Written by: S Rob, an Occult Consultant, UK

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