What is a Centaur?

To answer this question I should first describe a centaur. A centaur at first seems a human horse hybrid. It is a creature: normally thought as mythical: that has the body of a horse, but where the neck and head goes there would be the torso and head of a man. However centaur is also a term used for a small planet, and also is a stage in the launch of a space rocket. I will concern myself with centaurs as mythical animals. Although centaurs are thought of as being ancient Greek in origin there are pictures of centaurs in medieval Europe. There has been many fictional accounts of centaurs, as centaurs are also mentioned in Harry Potter Centaurs also have a part to play in The chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis. In myth there have been many mentions of how centaurs were created. Some saying that they were descendants of a Greek God who mated with horses creating the line of centaurs.

It was also said they came from a line of great horseman called the lapith. But some of the lapith mated with their own horses and produced centaurs. These were rejected by the lapith as being deformed; so the half man half horse creatures had to manage on their own. Most people believe that centaurs were simply the view a non-horse riding people had on another when they first saw a man riding a horse: a man on horseback could easily be mistaken for one being by another people who did not rid horses. This seems quite logical and also the fact that beastiality was quite widespread in the ancient world: and so would seem to them a plausible explanation. However a centaur is a creature with six limbs: where as a human has four and a horse has four and so obviously if it were possible for a copulated human and horse to produce a hybrid child: it is not: it would not have six limbs, it would have four.

However in the medieval period centaurs were thought of as dangerous perhaps demonic in nature. But the centaur has undergone quite a transformation as time has gone on. Once seen as living beings, even part God. Then they came to be thought of as being living but bad: perhaps demonic. They have now come to be seen as fictional beings. It should be noted that as humanity has travelled more commonly, and become more connected, centaurs are nowhere to be seen. There are no centaur skeletons, so places where they are seen. They are simply not there. It is much easier to believe in centaurs without the sophistication that we now possess. We travel more widely and can see that they seem to not exist. However they are no different to many other beings that are now thought of as being magical. The most unusual trait of the centaur is the lack of modern sightings. There are sightings of fairies, leprechauns, satyrs, but none for centaurs. They seem to be one of the creatures from myth that while popular in fiction are not seen at all. They seem very unpopular even as a part of rituals. There have been many other mythical animal human hybrids that have been seen: like the dog headed men: but not centaurs.

Is it that we live in houses and so do not relate to them? Or that so few of us live in forests that it simply would be difficult even: if the existed as physical beings: to see them. Although now this has been put in print it may inspire many others to write of centaur sightings. In the ancient world when sex between human and animal was thought of as better than using a prostitute, perhaps then human animal hybrids were thought of as possible? Or perhaps our view of the past and of animals is quite wrong? And that the ancient world with its popularity of beastiality was full of animal human hybrids. For instance cats are 90% genetically the same as humans. But if this was the case where are the skeletons? The only other option being that there is a conspiracy: a very old one: to hide the fact that humans and animals can naturally reproduce together. So what a centaur is: is creature that is part human and part horse; that there is no evidence ever existed so we assume is myth.

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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