Why God does not fulfill my Desires?

God does not fulfill your desires because God is matured and knows where the pleasure is and want you to come to the kingdom of God and unless you give up your desires that is not going to happen. Just like when a child demands a toy and you feel how foolish the child is, just asking for a thing which ultimately will no longer be exciting to him/her after a certain age. Would you like to play with toys once you have grown up? Same is the case with God. For God the worldly goods, name, fame, gold, diamond etc are nothing as compared to the enormous joy and love you get when you are in the kingdom of God. So if you are a good person God doesn't want that you waste your time and energy in collecting these perishable things. If God does not fulfill your desires that means there is something in you which God loves, and so he wants to keep you away from these horrible desires as these won't let you enjoy the inner peace and joy. Just stop, relax, sit peacefully and think. Why do you need more money when you have enough to make a living?

People who already have everything in life, are they happy? To let you know all those millionaires and billionaires aren't still happy because the money has given them more headache than relief. They have gone away from their soul and lost their inner peace and joy. There are lots of health issues in them and they are suffering from various kinds of diseases. You will find little innocent children happier than those millionaires and billionaires.

But if you are a true follower of God (you have love for humanity), God will always fulfill your requirements though may not fulfill your desires. People who don't even trust God also make a living and earn a lot of money to fulfill their needs. How come those people are successful though they don't trust God? This is because they work hard in life to earn money. This earth is your land of Karma. You should do your Karma (job) honestly and that will ultimately pay off. Going to temple and worshipping God is not necessary as long as you do your Karma honestly. Both honest and dishonest people make money but one who makes money honestly deserve the kingdom of God and God knows who is honest. Dishonest people may seem happy with their money but later on they would struggle in their life in some way or the other. Also they won't feel peace inside. Ultimately they would curse themselves for being dishonest. But if you are honest God will be with you.

Sometimes you may feel like that you are honest but still you are not getting enough in life as what other people are getting around you. This is because God is testing how much patience you have and can you stick to your honesty? God wants complete surrender. You will have to surrender that whether God gives me anything or not I won't give up my honesty and keep doing my job honestly. If you trust me and stick to this policy of surrendering to God, soon the day would come when God will fulfill all your desires. It's a fact that when you give up your desires and surrender to God, the desired products will automatically comes to you. Don't cry for those things and have patience and spend your time to do your job seriously and honestly. Give up your entire life but don't give up your honesty. The day would soon come in this life or the next life when you will find yourself in the kingdom of God.

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