How is Tuberculosis (TB) and Dracula linked?

Both these things seem so disparate. I will explain how they are linked by first writing a little about Dracula. Dracula is a fictitious monster and it has been in many films. It was originally created by Bram Stoker in his great literary work Dracula . Dracula has inspired many other works and all films with vampires in them owe a lot to Bram Stoker. Dracula is a vampire. He is portrayed as being a nobleman who became a vampire: and as the first vampire by Bram Stoker. A vampire is not alive. It also is not dead: just undead. It does not like sunlight, and can be killed by a stake through the heart. Also it does not like garlic. Tuberculosis is a disease. Like all diseases it was not always known of at one point: they must be discovered. What people thought of as vampires in the past was dead victims of disease that literally sucked the life out of the living from beyond the grave.

In the past sometimes when people died of tuberculosis they would be labelled as a shroud chewer. People when dead were wrapped in shrouds, and then places in their coffins. A person who had died of tuberculosis would have a rotten shroud, and this would give the effect that the dead person had chewed through the shroud: hence the name shroud chewer. These people were thought of as rising from the dead: being undead. This shroud chewer phenomenon spread quickly and could be seen in Germany and other near parts of Europe. It was also thought that a shroud chewer could make another person into a shroud chewer: by biting them just as a vampire would. People used talismans to protect themselves from shroud chewers. People used to use garlic for protection, because it was thought that shroud chewers did not like the smell. People used to stuff garlic into the mouths of the dead: to kill them if they were a shroud chewer. People also were staked through the heart of the corpse: to stop them rising from the dead.

People did notice that a disease had been in the area where shroud chewers were, and so people thought that the disease had somehow been transformed: perhaps by evil entity so that it was capable of raising the dead. So to recap: a shroud chewer could be killed by a stake through the heart, or garlic, just as a vampire is often portrayed as. But shroud chewers predated Bram Stokers Dracula: which also owes much to Vlad the impaler. The impact had on the book: called Dracula by Bram Stoker: being wrote in Whitby should not be understated, as the narrow streets in the book owe much to this fishing village. Obviously as Dracula is a vampire, then he and the shroud chewers have much in common. But in one way they are quite different. Dracula is fictitious, whereas the shroud chewers were a recorded fact: thought to be caused by tuberculosis. But what if the shroud chewers did exist? Maybe a disease had been transformed by evil? After all there are many cases of psychic vampirism: and is covered in an article here.

Maybe the best thing to do is next time you settle down to watch a vampire film, is to try to remember the details. After all one thing is for certain, and that is that if there were real shroud chewers, then we will not have seen, the last of them. So maybe there may be vampires to slay after all? Remember they can be killed by, a stake through the heart, or garlic, sunlight well that is more fiction than fact. So watch that horror film with a watchful eye and pray that there never were real shroud chewers: so that they cannot be again. So what does Dracula and tuberculosis have in common? At one time people thought you could kill them both with a stake through the heart. The one difference is that tuberculosis has killed many more than Dracula: even a real one: could even hope to.

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Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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