Who or What is Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is a character from a book wrote by Mary Shelley. A Frankenstein is also a name for a guitar made from the parts of other guitars; it can also be used as a name for any other item made from the parts of other similar items. First perhaps I should talk about the book. The book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: is a great work of literature write in 1818: although there was an altered later version which was in 1831: the 1818 is normally thought of as the best, and is the original. You may have watched many films called Frankenstein. If this is so you would be very shocked to read the book. It is very different in many important ways. The story is one of a man, who makes a creature from the parts of other people: he creates life from dead tissue. In films the creature is normally large lumbering and mentally deficient.

However in the book the creature created is large and strong. But also agile and learns English just by hearing others speak it. It therefore is not just physically adept but also a clever though ugly creature. This changes the dynamics of the whole story, from one where an animalistic unintelligent humanoid beast is made, to one where an agile clever creature superior to, many humans is created. The story is about man taking science too far, acting as God. Some people make the mistake of imagining that Frankenstein is the monster, when he is the creator. He is the scientist who creates the creature from the parts of dead people. The creature he creates this way has no name: it is never given one.

However as you ponder on what Frankenstein created you may decide he was a monster after all: just a human one. The creature had no choice in being created. It did do many monstrous things and so I will not call it innocent: the crimes it commits clearly mean it is not that. It many make you wonder: does a monster have a choice in being a monster? Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has inspired many other works. There was the comedy film Young Frankenstein, Weird science and the many quite different Hammer horror films that it has all inspired. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: and the made monster: is an irreplaceable iconic part of the horror genre. The monster is up there with vampires and werewolves in importance. Even in the modern film Van Helsing made in 2004 starring Hugh Jackman: Frankenstein's monster gets a part. Her book has been successful not just as a great literary work but also as an icon, and as a successful and important part and inspiration for popular culture.

So who is Frankenstein? Frankenstein is the man who created the monster. But not just in the original book, or the later 1931 version, but everywhere. He is the creator of the monster in films made in different places, by different people at different times. The monster and its creator may be a starring part, or as in the film Van Helsing made in 2004 they may be smaller parts. He has been played by many different actors. All these characters are Frankenstein though not quite the original character. So Frankenstein is the man and not the monster he created. But the monster he created has in some way defined him. Without the creation of the monster, there would be no Frankenstein. The task he performed has become the character: it is him. This is why so often people mistakenly believe that the monster is called Frankenstein, because they are both a part, of each, others definition. The monster if not just any monster, it is the monster he created and that makes it different from any other. He is not just a creator of a monster, but the creator of that monster. That is who Frankenstein is, and also the name for a guitar made from just parts.

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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