Do Witches Exist?

To answer this I will have to define: what is a witch? We all of us may have different ideas as to what a witch is. To most however, we probably have the image of an old woman in a black pointed hat that flies around on a broomstick. If this is your image of a witch then you will have real trouble finding one. This is the image of a witch from popular fiction and still persists. Television and films now often show more attractive females as witches too. But this image often shown on films on television at Halloween still persists. There are many influencing factors on what drove this image: it could be partly the witch trials. It should be noted that there were more than one witch trial and in more than one country. Not just America but the United Kingdom had its share of witch trials to. We killed witched just as America did and some countries still do and there are old unattractive female witches, just as there are in most other groups; attractive ones too.

But there are people identified as witches of all age's races and sexes. Some of the people killed for being witches, in witch trials were not and are not witches, and some were and are witches: this is not a good enough reason to kill them. When most people in Europe or the USA think of witchcraft, they think of a method or set of methods which allow a person to work magic. A lot of people split this into Wiccan or traditional witchcraft. Traditional witchcraft being different as it is simply a set of tools and not a religion as Wiccan is: Wiccan also being a much younger. People who practice either can think of themselves as witches. Some men practicing these beliefs think of themselves as warlocks. But now most people think of a witch as male or female. However to a person in Africa, a witch may be a shaman or person practicing many other systems of the occult. Many people are killed in Africa for being witches. But to another an Indian mystic or fakir may look, to have occult powers and may label them as witches. Many times a witch is a label put on a person by another. Many use it as a label linked to occultism generally, and with negative connotations.

There is not necessarily much of a link between the magic of different people labelled witches. They can at times have very little in common. Also many other people prefer the label occultist, spellcaster, mage, druid, or none at all. There can be much heated conversation between what is druidry for instance, and what is not? This will happen with many other topics. Much has been made in the past about witched being evil. Others proclaim that only Satanists are evil. I have been trained in witchcraft since age five. I can tell you for certain there are good witches and also bad. Just as there are good and bad of every religion and belief, so there is with witchcraft, and various other types of magic: the exception being Satanism as by definition anyone worshiping the Devil is evil. Why would they possibly do it otherwise? However practices that at one time were seen as witchcraft are now accepted. Where I live in Britain people now practice meditation, tai chi, chi kung, and many other disciplines originating from other countries.

But at the time of the witch trials in the UK, these would have been thought of as witchcraft: you could have been killed because you practiced them. Also most people do not use a title of any sort, I never have: I no more think of myself as a witch than as anything else. It is simply a set of tools which I possess. So certainly witches exist: unless you are thinking of someone who flies around on a broomstick: although it has ceased to be a useful term. They are not all good, or all bad. They range from the incredibly good to the almost totally evil, just like the rest of the population: luckily people at these extremes are rare. However before you judge someone for being a witch, remember you could probably be classified as a witch by another person. And all that yoga and meditation or life coaching classes you maybe tried, could have at one time have gotten you killed at one time and in some places even now still can.

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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