Why are Gargoyles on Churches?

Gargoyles on Churches
First perhaps I should mention what is a gargoyle? A gargoyle is a sculpture that is made to look like a monster. There are many types and seems that no two are ever alike. It would have taken a skilled stonemason to make a gargoyle. A gargoyle is after all a sculpture of a monstrous beast that is attached to a building: normally at the top. The true skill of these stone masons should not be forgotten as many gargoyles are so old that in many cases no one knows who the stone mason was that made them. Many gargoyles seem to have a greatly enlarged head in comparison to the rest of them, and some also have wings: which tend to look like the wings of a bat. But there are demon gargoyles, gargoyles means to look like caricature of an actual person.

Gargoyles come in many different styles. Gargoyles are generally thought of as being a tradition that started in Europe in the middle ages. However many cultures in the past have had some type of sculpture that protects people: these include china which has had dragons and other types of scary sculptures. It all depends upon what you think of as a gargoyle. Although there is definitely a general European style gargoyle look. The main trait of a gargoyle is that it is ugly and monster like. A gargoyle is a sculpture of a monster, so it must look evil ugly and misshapen. There are no beautiful gargoyles, although the artistry needed by the stonemason can clearly be seen and easily appreciated. So what is the function of a gargoyle? It should be mentioned that although some gargoyles are effectively drains for water their function is not structural, but grounded in belief.

The reason gargoyles are on churches is to be so frightening that they scare away evil spirits. The priests definitely do not want evil spirits in churches. One reason evil spirits are especially not wanted in churches is to protect the Eucharist: the bread and wine used in Christian mass that represents the blood and body of Christ. If this got evil in the Eucharist it would lead to a demonic possession of the people who are attending the mass. Also for christenings: a ceremony that brings a baby into Christianity and removes original sin. Gargoyles are supposed to be mistaken by evil entities as monsters to frightening them away and protect the church from evil. But in more modern times, gargoyles are also built as decoration: to give a medieval look to a younger building. But where does the idea for a gargoyle come from? It probably has very old roots although there is one tale. In France it was said, there was a dragon called la Gargouille who was slain by a catholic priest; after killing the beast he mounted it's head on a wall.

This is one story of how the first gargoyle was made: although very unlikely to be the truth. The most important thing is to remember however bad or evil a gargoyle may look, they are on your side. They are there to give you protection from evil and to chase demons and monsters away. They may look evil and deformed, and look very at odds with the church they are on. It may seem strange and worrying that a church: a house of God: would have these creatures on the outside. But they are simply sculptures: usually made of stone: that took great artistry to make. So perhaps the greatest reason why gargoyles are on churches is because people decided to put them there. People invented them. Made them and built them. They give a building character and perhaps protection. But they are very much man's creation and perhaps because of that, next time we should take a longer look and marvel at those by whose talents they were made.

Written by: S Rob, an occult consultant, UK

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