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Just give us a very high quality and original article written by someone who is expert in his/her field. We will publish the article for free and external links to other sites from within article can also be inserted if the links make sense to be there. If the article is not original and external links do not make any sense to be there, we will not be able to publish the article. Also title of the article should be a question (as our site is a FAQ site) and you will answer the question in the article in minimum 550-800 words and article should be complete in information. If the words in the article exceeds to provide complete information its not a problem. Just check other articles on the site and that will give complete idea what kind of article we accept. We are not looking for general motivational articles but we only need articles which are in some way useful to the relevant audience. You also give us the right to modify the article in some way if needed. If article is approved on our site, you will give us its copyright. If unapproved you will get the copyright back. Hope its clear. Thanks!

If you agree to our guidelines you can send your article for review at the email radhakishan001@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 12-24 hrs.

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